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Biology 3102- Lab

I had the pleasure of being a teaching assistant at the UPR this semester for the 3102 intro biology lab. What a blast, we learned about ecology, evolution, taxonomy, botany, and zoology. I also couldn't ask for a better group of students (pictured to the right). I would also place our last day in lab in my top ten days of all time, they surprised me with a singing group to serenade me (Video below). Im going to miss those guys and gals.

Biology 3101- Biology Lab

This semester I have the honor of being a teaching assistant for the Intro Biology 3101 lab. In this lab we will cover everything from the basic chemistry of life to microbiology. 

Biology 3112- Ecology Lab

I had the absolute privilege of teaching a field/lab ecology course. This class involved exploring tropical and mangrove ecosystems with students developing their own projects and presenting them at the end of the semester!

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